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I am in love with your "The Everyday Adventures of M&M" Just.. UGH. I've been waiting for someone to acknowledge that Sebastian could be a MOC, and you've made these in a delightful, funny manner and I'm jsut in lvoe

There will be no other Moran in my mind. Someone linked me a fic the other day that had background MorMor and when it started to escalate I just kept picturing Carl Winslow and couldn’t stop laughing. I always thought it would be hilarious if Moran ended up being the complete opposite of everything the fandom though he would be. Reginald Veljohnson is that man. And he is perfect.


Me: Oh hey! I think i may know what this video is about
Me: the one ive been making
Carrie: mystrade?
Me: yeah. I didnt know what it was about when i was making it
Me: i thought it may have needed to be broken up into two. with two different songs and two different plots
Carrie: one of them dies and the other goes into the priesthood and never loves again?
Me: LMAO I could totally do that!
Me: I’m going to do that!
Carrie: oh fuck
Me: its decided
Carrie: you can blame it on me. i can take the hate
Me: shut up! you’re brilliant! TO ITUNES!


LOL poor Lestrade. It’s all your fault. I will give you credit for Sebastian Carl Winslow Moran. That was genius. I really need to do more of those.

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Jim asked Sebastian to do ONE thing. Get him tickets to see Tom Daley dive at the Olympics. Sebastian has other ideas. (oooooh! topical!) 

Part 8.1 of The Everyday Adventures of Moriarty and Moran! (Continued here in 8.2)