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zombiemollusk asked
you know that thing where fanfic authors keep using "orbs" to describe eyes? what if an author kept saying orbs instead of eyes but it turned out they meant testicles all along?


oh my god id be so happy


I was rewatching The One With the Cop (Episode 16 of Season 5) and I realized that Monica and Chandler spent the night and the entire day together. They probably didn’t have to go to work that day, so they finished the crossword, went to bed, probably used the measuring tape Rachel was asking for the next day and had amazing sex repeatedly. The following morning they woke up together, went to the coffeehouse and spent most of the rest of that day in Chandler’s apartment. Monica even cooked there (Chandler was really cute holding a slice of cucumber while Monica was chopping vegetables). In between the cooking and their friends entering the apartment for several reasons, they sat in the barcaloungers, Monica probably doing another crossward and Chander trying to figure out a rubik’s cube, just enjoying being in each other’s presence. Chandler left his apartment for a few minutes to help Ross with his new couch, but he was back with Monica quickly. In the afternoon they went to Monica’s apartment and hang out with their friends. I just find this extremely cute. Their relationship had recently been revealed, they had confessed their love to each other and they spent as much time as possible together.

Anonymous asked
Hey there! :) I wanted to ask permission to do this, but would you be okay with 'A Fish Called Greg' being turned into a fanfiction on Fanfiction. net? I love these videos and think a story would be cool to do. :D If you need me to PM you on my account, I certainly will :)

I would love that. Please link me when you post it. :)

Oh, God! I’m going to be 30 in fourteen days.